Why Megan Rapinoe and Sue Chicken Are Joyful to Be Everybody’s #CoupleGoals

As a result of that is the why, in any case. 

Past rejoicing in the truth that they discovered each other, two of Seattle’s star athletes coming collectively to type one ass-kicking, trophy-collecting you-can’t-help-but-root-for-them pair, “I believe we’re very keenly conscious of what our relationship means to different individuals,” the 35-year-old stated when requested if she and WNBA level guard Chicken, 40, ever really feel the strain of representing #couplegoals to so many.

“We perceive how constructive an affect simply us being collectively and form of the revolutionary act of being joyful and never struggling and being in love and being homosexual on the similar time,” she continued. “So I believe that is one thing that is actually particular to us.” 

The label can admittedly really feel a bit unusual, “Like, ‘What? We’re a energy couple? I do not even know what meaning.'” However when she stopped to replicate, she stated, “I might have cherished to have any couple like us after I was rising up. We had, like, what, Ellen [DeGeneres]? That was it. We’ve got so many extra function fashions and other people to look to, so I hope that we are able to present that instance and reside our lives brazenly and freely.”

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