Why Dressing Margot Robbie as Barbie Was the Largest Problem

She continued, “Creating the style for this film was so particular, and I needed to ensure I honored the wealthy historical past of the doll and its many fashion iterations over time.”

Jacqueline additionally drew inspiration from 1960s seashore tradition, replicating the whimsical colour palettes and gown shapes of the period. “All of the Barbies put on retro attire of various designs,” she stated, noting, “The early ’60s fashion pink gingham gown is one in every of my favorites.”

And whereas it might have been difficult to determine which items to slim down, Jacqueline made certain that each merchandise felt true to Barbie.

“Barbie’s wardrobe comes from her love of garments,” she defined. “She wears outfits as a result of she enjoys dressing up and at all times attire completely for no matter she is doing. Barbie’s fashion is playful and filled with pleasure. It’s excessive and, maybe, appears superficial however it’s really a giant a part of her character.”

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