TikTok’s Viral Bleached Eyebrows Filter Is Influencing Individuals to Do It IRL

However whether or not or not you wish to go for this vibe, it is essential to notice that bleaching your brows (particularly at house and with out the right instruments or coaching) may doubtlessly trigger disagreeable uncomfortable side effects. 

“Substances used to bleach the hair [that include] excessive concentrations of hydrogen peroxide could cause critical burns,” Michelle Henry, a New York Metropolis-based dermatologist, informed Attract in 2019. “If the answer is just too robust, brows and hair could be broken. Important burns also can trigger everlasting hair loss. Even when finished appropriately, the method can dry and harm the hair, making it extra vulnerable to breakage.”

Beauty chemist Ni’Kita Wilson added, “Any time you’re coping with chemical substances like that across the eyes it poses a priority. Hydrogen peroxide is a powerful oxidizing agent that won’t discriminate between your hair, clothes, or your cornea.”

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