Meet a SoCal Surfer With Thriller “Alien” Bumps on His Chest in Weird Botched Sneak Peek

In want of a miracle. 

Santa Barbara-based surfer Bruno has been plagued with thriller “bumps” on his chest since he began the game at age eight. The “two squishy, huge bumps” on his chest have solely grown over time—and Bruno is hoping the odd lumps aren’t one thing extra critical. 

In a sneak peek at tonight’s all-new Botched episode, airing July 6, Bruno and his spouse Sara desperately hopes Dr. Terry Dubrow is a “miracle employee” who can establish what precisely Bruno is coping with. 

The Portuguese athlete thinks his bumps are tied to his love of browsing. “I maintain hoping no aliens,” he jokes in a confessional as to the reason for the bizarre growths. “I am involved that they [will] develop a most cancers. Just about for me, repetitive wounds naturally evolve into one thing critical.” 

Docs in each america and Portugal have not been capable of pinpoint what the bumps are. “They informed me the bumps wouldn’t be a well being danger, however once more, they did not know what it was,” Bruno factors out. “So I used to be by no means 100 % comfy.”

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