Man Was Refused Food In Diner, He Came Back In Uniform To See How They Would React

The lady did not explain to the man why she could not serve him in the diner. Mr. Baker was confused and couldn’t understand the lady’s rude behavior. He had waited a good 45 minutes patiently but was turned down for seemingly no reason.

He was used to being obeyed and respected, but the lady did not know who he was and was treating him horribly. Baker wanted to see how she would react if she knew who he really was. He would soon see that what you wear can make a huge difference…

Day Off

A hardworking man who frequently does 12-hour shifts, Karl Baker was so glad to have a day off. He wanted to simply unwind for the day and forget work for a while.

He planned to sleep in, eat outside, take a stroll outdoors, and end the day happily in front of his TV with his gold old drink in hand. However, not everything went to plan for this man despite his best efforts for a well-deserved day off.

Enjoying a Slow Morning

Baker’s day off started with his dog jumping on his bed. Beaming with energy, his dog’s jump made him realize it was about midday already. He quickly changed his clothes, enjoyed a nice cup of warm coffee, and pondered where to go for a little fancy brunch.

Now with a place in mind, he hopped into his car and drove to the diner he liked. It was a new place for him on the outskirts of town. His excitement for a new place, unfortunately, would later turn into regret.

Standing in Line Patiently

He felt stares filled with disdain from the staff in the diner. A minute of feeling disrespected felt like an hour for Baker. Professionally, his work commanded mutual respect from people and he never experienced being treated any other way.

No one in the diner knew who Baker was. Upon reaching the diner, he patiently waited in line. Obviously hungry, he read the menu on the wall while waited for his turn. He waited for quite some time but never lost his cool to wait for his turn to be served.

Had Trouble Picking Food

After carefully reading the menu, he ended up deciding between two good dishes, although a man with many positive attributes, Baker apparently had a thing of being picky with what he eats.

Standing in line for 45 minutes is fine for him as long as he gets what he wants. He later realized he was wrong to have wasted his precious time in line.

Patience and Hunger

Having to wait for 45 minutes to be served is certainly out of the ordinary. Even if it was the best food in town, nobody should wait that long. Baker, always known to be patient, decided to wait. However, he got aggravated out as his hunger grew. His limit was about to be tested.

When his turn came after a long wait, his excitement was immeasurable and he thought he could finally order. What happened next left him dumbfounded with disbelief. What could have gone wrong?

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