Ivan Corridor Spills All on His and Tayshia Adams’ Deal Breaker Dialog About Faith

The Texan revealed, “I knew we have been going to have to speak about it will definitely, as a result of I might inform she was a minimum of, that she was Christian, however we hadn’t talked about it prior to now. However she mentioned possibly as soon as to me that she relied on her religion so much.”

Ivan went on, “That is the way it got here up, Tayshia was like, ‘So what do you concentrate on elevating children with faith and what not?’ And that is once we dove into it. And I sort of defined to Tayshia, ‘Pay attention, I am agnostic. Lots of people confuse it for being atheist. Atheist will not be what I’m.'”

He views atheism as “taking a tough stance that there’s not God,” which isn’t his perception. “Agnostic is strictly saying ‘I do not know,’ principally. And that is simply how I really feel,” he defined. 

The aeronautical engineer continued, “When she begins asking me my beliefs like, ‘Is there heaven or is there a hell?’ that sort of stuff, I will be like, ‘Yeah, my reply goes to be totally different than yours as a result of I will inform our children I do not know what there’s.'”

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