Earth Day 2022 Truth vs. Fiction: Invoice Nye Breaks Down Eco-Pleasant Myths

Truth or Fiction: Pens, plastic wrapping and laptop disks are examples of biodegradable waste.

“They are often made of those trendy biodegradable plastics,” Nye mentioned. “I’ve a corn plastic espresso mug. And there is a entire factor now of corn plastic meals movie, they name it. But it surely’s not in all places. ‘Can’ and ‘is’ are two various things. ‘Could not be’ and ‘are’ are two various things. Would not it’s nice if all this plastic that we’re utilizing for meals storage have been biodegradable?”   

Truth or Fiction: The quantity of non-biodegradable waste could be decreased by decreasing, reusing and recycling.

“Sure! Scale back, reuse, recycle,” Nye proclaimed. “When you scale back the quantity you are throwing away or going by or making use of, then in fact you will produce much less waste. Reusing is nice. Within the case of supplies that may be recycled, that’s to say repurposed or taken from one use and used once more in a distinct use? That is fabulous. That is recycling.”

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