98 Levels Reveals the Britney Track They Handed On and How They (Principally) Averted Boy Band Feuds

One other little one thing that is totally different from after they first began out: Nick, Drew and Jeff now have 10 youngsters amongst them, plus Justin has nephews who’re sufficiently old to have witnessed a couple of 98 Levels concert events of their day.

“Do they sneak into the nook and hearken to 98 Levels on their telephone?” Drew mentioned with a smile of his two children with spouse Lea Lachey. “No, I do not suppose so. However they respect what we achieved. At the very least my children are attending to the age now the place they perceive it. Jeff’s children are clearly that age as effectively. Nick’s are in all probability nonetheless—”

“My oldest undoubtedly understands, like, ‘OK, individuals know who my mother and father are and know who my dad is,'” Nick mentioned of 8-year-old son Camden, the eldest of his three youngsters with Vanessa Lachey. “And I all the time inform him, I say, ‘I am simply dad. Do not consider what I do.’ However I do suppose at some age they begin to, and he is beginning to get to that time the place he is placing all of it collectively.”

Drew mentioned, “Some individuals have mother and father which are docs, some which are custodians, some which are academics. Each particular person has a job and a narrative and ours is just a bit totally different.”

And jumpstarting 98 Levels in 2012 additionally meant quite a bit to Nick as a result of his children might then see for their very own eyes what Dad did for a dwelling. “In any other case, they only must take my phrase for it,” he joked. “And now they’ll really come to a live performance and see you do what you like to do. And hopefully it evokes them on some degree.”

Or, as father of 5 Jeff may put it to his brood, “I swear we have been cool at one time!”

Catch 98 Levels’ new single “The place Do You Wanna Go” and the premiere of the tune’s music video on Friday, July 9.

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