36 Secrets and techniques About The West Wing–Together with What’s Subsequent

34. Even all the way down to the unlikely ending, it turned out. With former chief of workers and occasion elder Leo McGarry (John Spencer) as his operating mate, Santos was nonetheless meant to lose out to likable California senator Vinick. Then Spencer died halfway by means of the season in December 2005. “Up till his demise, the Republican was going to win the election,” Sheen instructed Empire. “Jimmy Smits can be defeated and that great actor Alan Alda would win. However with John’s demise they stated no and, in opposition to historical past, the Democrats would proceed.”

35. An eighth season—specializing in the early days of the Santos administration with Bartlet popping in as advisor—was attainable as effectively. “However when John died, they folded the tent,” stated Sheen. “It was over, and we thought, ‘No, we will by no means return there.'”

As an alternative they paid tribute to Spencer and McGarry with season seven’s “Requiem,” a slew of former visitor stars returning for the occasion large’s funeral. “The episode the place we really needed to carry his casket as a result of his character had died,” Hill instructed THR, “it was an empty casket, however it wasn’t an empty casket.”

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